For a women’s site I thought it was appropriate to start with my thoughts on chocolate. I hope this isn’t too stereotypical!

Is chocolate the food of the Gods? Put simply, I think the answer can only be a resounding yes! This is a bit of a difficult one to explain, but I’m going to go ahead and give it a try.

For me, chocolate, and also Coconut are just a dead giveaway. I just refuse to believe that these things could possibly have evolved on their own by chance. It seems to me abundantly clear that these things are specifically for mankind’s consumption. They can only have been developed with man in mind.

When you really think about it, just about everything, in reality, does stink a little bit of a man-centred design to all of the things, leading Creationists to rejoice and open-minded scientist spin doctors put forward the idea of an ‘anthropic principle’. The Anthropic Principle is an attempt to interpret the fact that for a random explosion, the Universe has done exceedingly well in creating just the perfect balance of forces that have allowed for the growth of life and thus the evolution of mankind itself.

It’s all just a bit too perfect, from a Laws of Physics-type point of view.

Well, I feel the same way about chocolate. It’s just too good. I just don’t buy the idea that that particular plant has managed to manufacture all these myriad organic chemicals (there are loads and loads and we haven’t even found all the ones in a single plant, let alone the whole biosphere), and these chemicals benefit mankind’s physiology greatly, and also taste great – giving the so-called greatest of the great apes eons of indescribable pleasure relishing the interplay of complex flavours in chocolate. I believe it the taste of chocolate, as experienced by humans, is the purpose of the plant, and always has been.

Humans are the point of existence, however much the Newtonians and all the others say that we are not important we are fleas on a tiny rock adrift in an endless Universe. Crap to that! What about chocolate, eh, science-face? WHAT ABOUT CHOCOLATE!??????!!!!

The other dead giveaway as far as I’m concerned is the whole moon exactly the same size as the sun thing from our perspective. It’s like saying the fucking Empire State building built itself, by accident. I mean come on! Get your heads in the game people!