Abundance & Prosperity Prayer

Each one of us has a desire that’s deeply and firmly rooted in our heart. It is innate for us to want our life filled and overflowing with good things. Many times people may misconstrue this as greed but such mindsets are only brought upon by a poverty mentality that conditions one to think that there is a ceiling to what the world thinks you should have. Do not be misled friends, you are destined to be wealthy – you just need to believe it and desire it so that it manifests itself in your life.

What is it that children do when they want something? Pray. We too can pray for prosperity and expect to receive it because we know we are rightful heirs to it. You heard correctly, we can and should have riches and only our own thinking can stop this from coming into manifestation. Did you know that many great men and women have practiced the principles of abundance prayer in their lives and it came to pass? It doesn’t matter who we are. If we only knew the power we hold inside of us, we would be amazed at how our lives can turn out to be.

Few people know who Jabez is – indeed there are about 4 lines written about his life in the whole world and it is only found in the Bible (1 Chronicles 4:10). As far as prayers for prosperity goes; his’ rank among one of the best. This was his prayer: “Oh, that you would bless me indeed, and enlarge my territory, that Your hand would be with me, and that You would keep me from evil, that I may not cause pain!

Jabez is Hebrew for ’cause of pain’ – imagine that your own mother naming you ‘pain’. It did not stop Jabez from reaching and wanting more out of his life. He cried out to God for enlarged territory and blessings which we can read as increased influence and favor to surround his life. Observe that he did not stop there. Jabez asked God that he may not be what his name said he was – a source of pain. His short biography ended well as we see in the last line of the verse: God granted him what he requested.

What can we learn from this man’s success story? Anyone can be prosperous. Have faith not just in the power of God to bring it to pass, but in His goodness to want that for you as well. Many times it is not a question of whether God can; but if He will. Know that He will because you are His creation and this world was made for us to enjoy. When you pray for prosperity, do not forget to pray for the grace that you also not be a cause of sorrow for anyone else.

To be prosperous is easy once you know your God personally. Understand your place in the world and be bold in seeking Him – you will find that the outpouring of your blessings will naturally overflow to other people’s lives as well. Remember, you were born to not just for success – you were born to be significant.

Tarot Cards

So what’s the deal with Tarot Cards then? Are they a game? Are they some kind of magical object passed down carefully from antiquity detailing the archetypes of the human unconscious? Can you use them to tell the future?

Nowadays, there is a massive occult revival going on (when isn’t there?) and you will find yourself able to get a Tarot reading for not too much money and at relatively short notice. You will likely not have to wait until the Gypsies are in town before you can have your future read. A visit to Waterstones will show you that there are several Tarot decks available and if you check the Internet you will find literally hundreds of variations. There are Angel Cards, Green Man Tarot, Earth Goddess Tarot, Animal Cards, Cyber-Punk Tarot, you name it, there’s probably some kind of Tarot Deck available for it.

I’ve just checked and yes, you can get a Star Wars Tarot deck if that’s what you want.

But how? How can a Tarot deck still work if you can make it into a Star Wars novelty item? The answer is, we don’t precisely know, but the fact is that people have been getting spooky insights from Tarot Cards for as long as anyone can remember, and as far as I know, they are still getting spooky insights as we speak.

Tarot, like Ouija and Runes, hint at some kind of substance weaving everything together, so that even though you do your best to randomise the cards or not move the Planchette on the Ouija, or not peak at the Runes, they just have a knack of turning out results that seem to chime with your actual real life, with your actual reality. Like I said, they hint that somehow everything is connected, even the apparently random shuffling of a deck of 72 cards is part of the essential fabric of your life, and therefore it can offer you some insight, that you might not be able to get from any other means.

Is it so weird to think that everything is connected? No, not really. There’s a whole lot of scaremongering about Ouija and Tarot and I think that’s just because people don’t understand them, because they don’t fit into the strict Newtonian paradigm we’ve all been brought up with. Non-causal shit is spooky, it’s like the definition of spooky. Just because it’s a bit spooky though, does not mean that all the other spooky stuff is real. Or does it? I’m not sure. It seems like the older I get, the less sure I am about anything. 🙂

chocolate food of the gods


For a women’s site I thought it was appropriate to start with my thoughts on chocolate. I hope this isn’t too stereotypical!

Is chocolate the food of the Gods? Put simply, I think the answer can only be a resounding yes! This is a bit of a difficult one to explain, but I’m going to go ahead and give it a try.

For me, chocolate, and also Coconut are just a dead giveaway. I just refuse to believe that these things could possibly have evolved on their own by chance. It seems to me abundantly clear that these things are specifically for mankind’s consumption. They can only have been developed with man in mind.

When you really think about it, just about everything, in reality, does stink a little bit of a man-centred design to all of the things, leading Creationists to rejoice and open-minded scientist spin doctors put forward the idea of an ‘anthropic principle’. The Anthropic Principle is an attempt to interpret the fact that for a random explosion, the Universe has done exceedingly well in creating just the perfect balance of forces that have allowed for the growth of life and thus the evolution of mankind itself.

It’s all just a bit too perfect, from a Laws of Physics-type point of view.

Well, I feel the same way about chocolate. It’s just too good. I just don’t buy the idea that that particular plant has managed to manufacture all these myriad organic chemicals (there are loads and loads and we haven’t even found all the ones in a single plant, let alone the whole biosphere), and these chemicals benefit mankind’s physiology greatly, and also taste great – giving the so-called greatest of the great apes eons of indescribable pleasure relishing the interplay of complex flavours in chocolate. I believe it the taste of chocolate, as experienced by humans, is the purpose of the plant, and always has been.

Humans are the point of existence, however much the Newtonians and all the others say that we are not important we are fleas on a tiny rock adrift in an endless Universe. Crap to that! What about chocolate, eh, science-face? WHAT ABOUT CHOCOLATE!??????!!!!

The other dead giveaway as far as I’m concerned is the whole moon exactly the same size as the sun thing from our perspective. It’s like saying the fucking Empire State building built itself, by accident. I mean come on! Get your heads in the game people!

Theatres Around the World

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