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Side Effects of the Ketosis Diet

For any women who are still in the dark about this topic, a keto diet plan is a diet that provides low carb, sufficient protein, and optimal fat. Normally, this diet helps to manage epilepsy in young children, but it can also help overweight people shed extra kilos. Ketosis is a medical phenomenon which occurs during starvation. Medical experts have been able to take advantage of this observation and exposed its health benefits.

The ketosis diet is very beneficial to women who are suffering from obesity. Individuals who have participated in this diet plan usually notice its appetite suppressant effect. Actually, this diet strictly promotes low-carb foods which are often high in saturated fat. Meanwhile, low carb diets can improve your HDL cholesterol, triglyceride levels, and insulin resistance.

The ketogenic diet makes the body utilize stored fat in order to meet the energy requirement. This way, an individual enjoys the benefits of losing weight for some time while still providing the body with plenty of nourishment. Since there is no carbohydrate in the body during the dieting period, the liver converts fats into fatty acids and ketone bodies are issued forth to serve as an energy source. This is what happens naturally when you fast.

There have been questions regarding ketosis side effects and how it can affect an individual.

Well, one thing you need to know is that the ketogenic diet requires proper understanding. Switching to a low carb diet plan will definitely result in some minor discomfort because you are now depriving the body of the carbs that it is used to. There will be some adjustments necessary.

Doctors and medical experts have confirmed that the ketosis diet is not dangerous and it is sustainable. Ketosis diet foods include very low carbohydrates and are rich in fats. The body needs a high percentage of fats to maintain ketosis state. During the dieting period, the body breaks down fat to obtain energy and this increase the mechanism of metabolism in the body.

The first effect of the ketogenic diet you will notice is a loss of interest in foods due to lack of appetite. This will motivate you to remain or stick to the diet plan as long as you can, and this will help you to lose weight fast.

Understanding the side effects of ketosis diet

Loss of hunger can be a side effect, but it is beneficial to the participant. It only seems bad to people who cannot tolerate it. Another possible side effect is constipation. This happens to people who find it difficult to adjust and adapt to the diet change. You can relieve constipation by drinking 8 – 10 glasses of water or take foods that have a higher fiber content. A good example is Psyllium seed.

In the first three days, one might experience headaches; this happens because of the sudden decrease in blood sugar levels during the dieting period. Moreover, this will clear up as the body adapts to the diet plan. Other minor ketosis side effects you may experience in the beginning are sluggish mobility, irritability, mental dullness, and dehydration. You must drink plenty of water and make sure you are replenishing your electrolytes.

Pregnant women and people with serious medical conditions should refrain from this diet plan or consult a physician for proper recommendations. For more information visit Ketogenic Diet for Women.

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